Are We Proud To Be Americans?

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One of the coolest aspects of living in America is the richness of diversity. There are so many different cultures living under one roof that color this country with so many flavors of life.

However, this roof is on a house called America and we all live in this house.

It is our home.

If you are an American citizen it is your home as well.

This is a very well-built house with a strong foundation and lots of character. As many know, this foundation has been eroding due to caustic organizational elements that have weakened it and radical divisions that threaten it’s very survival. Thankfully, there are still enough good folks interested in renovating this great home to restore it back to its historical purity. But we must tent it for termites first! 

Nonetheless, America has an unmistakable identity that is envied the world over. One that is synonymous with freedom, human rights, equality, etc. And the one attribute that sets us apart from everyone else – The American Dream.

Sadly, we as a nation have lost this identity through poor management,  neglect and……sabotage. We see this phenomena all the time in business. It’s when a company forms, experiences rapid growth but management does not back up the expansion with stable organizational structure and sound policies based on the original goals of the founders and enhanced survival for the group. This opens the front door to all manner of negative elements because the stability and “protection” of sane policies based on the good of all went out the back door. Stresses occur and often the company won’t last.

Because of trying to be politically correct, greed and other frustrating reasons the right policies have not been implemented to uphold and maintain our valuable and honorable identity.

There’s an old saying, “Proud To Be An American”.

This needs to be a new saying!

Here’s one simple, no-brainer policy to begin restoring our identity: You must speak decent English to be a citizen. That’s the language of our country and contributes to our identity. But more importantly it enables everyone to communicate with everyone else. Shouldn’t all members of the same group be able to talk to and understand one another?!

Here’s a new idea:

Country 1st – Heritage 2nd.

You’re an American 1st and (Your heritage) 2nd.

By all means promote, embrace and share your culture with the rest of us but do so as an American.

Time to drop the “African-American” moniker. You’re an American that has Africa as your heritage. Same for Italian-American, Asian-American, etc.

We all live in the same house and have different chores that we are responsible for to maintain the happiness of the household. This is not a hotel with a bunch of tourists renting rooms!

We need to come together more as a group and appreciate what each of us has to offer and we all should be proud to be part of one of the greatest nations on the planet.

Lose the hyphen.

Be American.