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Wild Cowboy (feat. Nicky Hopkins)

Release Date: February 23, 2018
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Nicky Hopkins was a good buddy of mine. He was part of my movie project in LA back in the 80’s and was helping me with the soundtrack of all original songs. We were living together for awhile and had recorded a long session of music on a cassette tape boom box (remember those?) in our living room. No mikes, amps, equipment, etc. Completely un-plugged – just my 12 string guitar and Nicky on the baby grand. It’s raw but unbelievably decent based on the conditions and the age of the tape! The boom box had stereo mikes built into it and I had to lean over towards one of them to stay above the piano. A bit uncomfortable but workable. Sometimes the vocal is a bit hot but the overall balance is not bad.

OK, so we’re working on my new set of tunes for the first time and as I’m playing and singing Nicky is quickly learning and creating. When I say quickly that’s a bit of an understatement. No chord charts, sheet music – nothing. On some songs I’m yelling out the chords, but most of the time not. He was a brilliant musician. He could pick up on a tune so fast it was uncanny. Just by listening to a few bars he could structure and arrange his part and deliver a performance that would take some players hours or even days or never to capture in a studio! The bass, chord progressions, melodies, rhythm, spaces, all of it. Genius. He brought the songs to a whole new level and that is why he is known as Rock’s Greatest Session Man.

So, please enjoy this hidden treasure of Rock n’ Roll history and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of the release of the full session. There’s like 7 songs and an incredibly moving instrumental by Nicky. You can hear how he quickly figures out the structure of what he’s going to do – bass, rhythm, chords – really quick. And it is brilliant.
It’s coming soon!
And with it I’ll be telling a story about one of our adventures together that drastically changed his life and which is just like the title of this song – Wild!