Guitar PIC

My music is borne from tragedy. I grew up in a good family but in my late teens got into drugs, went bad and caused trouble. Lots of it. Ended up in a hospital almost dead with 500 stitches in my head from kissing the windshield too loudly in a car crash. Life smacked me and I realized this is not a good future survival plan. So, I stopped drugs and took up guitar so I could write music that I hoped would touch people in a positive way. I didn’t want to be bad anymore…well, at least not that kind of bad.

I played with records of my favorite artists like Hendrix, Clapton, Stones, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, etc. Soon I began writing.  I put together a concept band based on a screenplay I wrote about a Rock ‘n Roll superhero called The Tiger. Toured all over LA to a cult following. Won a national video contest on TV with our lead video “We All Come Back”. Dropped out of the limelight for some years but now I’m back.

I love songwriting & making music!